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Guppy Pairs:

The male can achieve a maximum of ……………………….100 points.


Female  Assessment.


The female can achieve an additional 20 points for individual criteria and is given automatically 50 points.  

Therefore the female can achieve…………………………..… 70 points .  

The entire score  for the pair can achieve a maximum of … 170 points.  

Female additional point evaluation .


Maximum score for body is 6 points, the size and form is valued.  The ideal length of the body is 50mm for broad tails and 45mm for swordtails and short tails.  There are no deduction points for oversize.

The body form should be charming and elegant, and have body length that proportional with male.  

Examples for point deductions: thin, flat and bent bodies, round back, large tail insert etc.  

Dorsal fin

Maximum score for dorsal fin is 3 points.  

The dorsal fin should be similar to the dorsal fin of the male according to the standard, but may be much smaller.  

Tail fin

Maximum score for the tail fin is 6 points.

For the maximum score, the fin should be as close as possible to the Standard of the male guppy.  

Colour and harmony

Maximal score is 5 points whereby colour and form is valued together with size harmony.

The entry is disqualified if it is not evidently a true pair

(eg different form or colour standard). Sick or disfigured individual fish results in the entry being disqualified.


6 Points

Dorsal fin

3 Points

Tail fin

6 Points

Colour and Harmony

5 Points


20 points

Guppy Pairs.


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