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Established since 2011

Registered Member of the IKGH

Registered IKGH Judges.

Due to the time that the Guppy Club of Great Britain has been established only one Judge is registered via this Club.

Malcolm Clarke.

Do you require an IKGH Judge.

To check availabilty Contact: Malcolm

Malcolm Clarke.

IKGH Congress 2009.

as a delegate

On behalf of the British

Livebearer Association.

 Judges attend the BLA-Guppy Event in Nottingham 2010.  

Left -Right:

Malcolm Clarke (BLA).

J-Claude Sangelboeuf (AFV). Diego Montanari (It/AFAE).    Claus Osche (De/IGPD.

Trevor Williams (BLA).

 Judges attend the Mollinzia-Guppy event in Szczecin Poland 2010.  

Left -Right:   

Boguslaw Micinski( KBR).

Marian Stieranka (IKGH).  

 Eddy Vanvoorden (GBE).

Malcolm Clarke (BLA).

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