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Established since 2011

Registered Member of the IKGH

Guppy Club of Great Britain

Welcome to GCO-GB. This on-line web site is designed to assist Guppy Breeders here in the UK in Showing Guppies to the very High Standards set by the I.K.G.H.

Guppy Club of Great Britain was a registered member of the I.K.G.H since 2011. Offering members advice and the opportunity to become involved in Showing Guppies on the European Show circuit. See latest information News Letter at the base of the page.

Our aims are to assist breeders to acquire quality breeding stock in order they can develop a strain to reach these exacting standards set by the

 Internationals Kuratotium Guppy Hochzucht.

Sharing advice and experiences on all aspects of Guppy Breeding, Genetics, Husbandry and Showing.

Information on attending I.K.G.H. Shows through out Europe is also be available on this site.

Should you feel that you would like to get involved in producing Guppies to I.K.G.H. Show Standards then why not Join us. Click on the link below.

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Visit the Fish Room of Justguppies.

Photos by kind Permission. Gernot Kaden

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